Wind and Solar Power for Homes and Businesses in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Nashville Electric Service is among the 12 largest electric providers in the United States, providing electricity to over 370,000 residential customers in Middle Tennessee. The NES service area covers about 700 square miles, of Nashville/North Nashville and parts of the six surrounding metropolitan counties. All six counties are served by multiple electric transmission pipelines, which connect individual homes and business with the electric company’s main electric grid. The electric company has developed several innovative energy solutions to reduce energy costs, and increase customer satisfaction. A key focus of the current service modernization efforts is to continually improve our customer’s satisfaction levels.

nashville electric service

The goal is to continue to grow the current customer base while also growing the number of markets served through the various pipelines and improving efficiency. The Nashville electric service has developed an energy platform that is supported by a robust marketing and communications plan, including multiple communications agencies and websites. The goal is to strengthen relationships with existing customers and create new customers through an aggressive campaign that includes expanded promotions, savings incentives and incentive programs for qualified clients. Throughout the process, management continues to work with service providers to coordinate and align service with serviceable resources.

The Nashville area continues to face significant challenges from a changing climate, such as increasing threats from both tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, extreme heat and drought, and other factors. While weather issues are a concern for all customers, low carbon emission electric generation is a key issue for Middle Tennessee and the Davidson County government. Throughout the county, there are a number of coal plants and other sources of power production that generate air pollution, particularly sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These harmful gases have been linked to a number of respiratory and health problems. By investing in a comprehensive program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Davidson County and Middle Tennessee governments are taking an important step to improve the quality of life for residents and their families. The result will be improved health and safety for all who live and work within the Nashville metropolitan area.

In preparation for the upcoming challenges, the Nashville electric service has developed a series of programs that address these environmental concerns. These include building and purchasing new zero emission vehicles, implementing energy efficient appliances and promoting “go green” activities such as going carpool, shopping for discount grocery cards and using reusable grocery bags. In addition, the Nashville Electric Authority has worked diligently to implement measures to address storm water runoff. With the support of the community, the Nashville Electric Authority has worked to improve floodplain protection, reduce flooding in community parks and facilities, and provide alternative means of recreation to those who cannot afford or convenient to maintain a traditional lawn or tree-filled yard.

As part of this effort, the Nashville Electric Authority is also exploring the development of new or improved ways to provide energy to homes and businesses that would not be economical to do so currently. In the past, many businesses and homes in Nashville were forced to buy power from the Nashville Electric Company when they did not have access to fossil fuels. With the growth of our economy, however, more residents are experiencing the benefits of purchasing solar panels and wind turbines to provide electricity to their homes and businesses. While these technologies are still relatively expensive, research is beginning to show that they could become a more common feature in Nashville’s residential landscape as time progresses.

As the world comes together to help combat climate change, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no alternative to using clean, renewable sources of energy. As the nation debates over whether or not to support these efforts, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no reason to continue to allow Nashville, Middle Tennessee and other cities in Tennessee to continue to encourage residents to continue to use fossil fuels. As electric companies come under pressure to develop more sustainable forms of energy, there is no doubt that more Nashville families and businesses will choose to take advantage of wind and solar power. Whether or not they choose to purchase a wind turbine or a solar panel is really up to them – but with global warming being one of the biggest issues of our time, it seems more practical than ever to take a proactive approach and invest in clean, sustainable energy sources today.