Hotels in Nashville – The Best in Music and Film

Nashville Hotels is many and varies from quiet country motels to the modern, hip urban wonders. A good Nashville Hotels List will give you a great indication of which hotels in Nashville best suit your style and needs. The music capital of the United States is host to some of the country’s biggest musical talents like Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Merle Travis, Elvis Presley and many more. Music lovers from all over the world come to Nashville just for these reasons and plenty more.

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If you’re a music lover staying at one of the best Nashville Hotels then the Monte Carlo should be right up your alley. A luxurious and comfortable landmark that has been refurbished and revitalised to the peak of its opulence, the Monte Carlo is a must see in Nashville. And it is far from lacking in comfort and features the best lobby, dining room and pool in the city. With a warm welcome from their staff and the beautiful rooms that are on offer, this is a hotel that is for anyone who loves to have a good time in Nashville and the surrounding area. The various amenities on offer, from fine restaurant meals to an on-site bar, mean that no other hotel in Nashville can quite match it as a real live music city.

If you’re looking for an elegant and stylish hotel in Nashville then the Mayfair is the perfect choice for you. One of the most prestigious hotels in the US, Mayfair is also home to some of the finest shopping centres and restaurants in the country. You can do your daily shopping here and dine at some of the best restaurants in Nashville. And if you need a little more of a retreat from the excitement of the city, why not stay at the nearby White Oak Country Club? Here you’ll receive outstanding personalized service with an opportunity to experience the most exclusive facilities in golfing.

For those who love shopping, you can’t get better than the Ryman Place. If you’re looking for a luxurious hotel in Nashville with fantastic views, you won’t go wrong with this one. For over a century, this hotel has offered its guests some of the best accommodations available. You can enjoy beautiful rooms and state of the art business facilities. If you’re into the entertainment scene, you won’t miss out on the indoor pool and the Center for the Arts. This is one of the most popular hotels in the music city, and you can guarantee that you’re not going to be disappointed with your stay.

The Franklin hotel is another hotel that you will definitely want to check out when you’re in Nashville. Not only does it offer some of the best accommodations around, you can take in one of the best music festival tours in the country. If you’re interested in being close to the best shopping around, this is definitely one of the top choices for your Nashville hotels. The hotel even offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport, making this one of the best options for people who are flying in.

If you’re looking for an extremely classy hotel in Nashville, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel might just fit the bill. This hotel offers guests many of the same amenities that you would find in a five star hotel. They even have their own private entertainment studio, so you can relax and really enjoy the finer things in life. If you’re still looking for more, make sure to take a look at the penthouse suites. The suites are top notch, and they offer everything that you would expect from a suite.